Let​'s get you started on the road from a word to the world!

​​Why Kalimah?

  • Learning language & culture

  • Learn through play, arts & fun
  • Interactive, hands-on methods
  • Customized lessons based on learning styles
  • Experienced professional educators
  • Local in Montgomery County, MD

Welcome to KALIMAH! - أهلاً وسهلاً بكم في كلمة 

The Silk Road: Deserts, Beaches, and Skyscrapers of the Arab World

Arabic Language Immersion Summer Camp with a STEAM Focus (July 10-Aug. 4)

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Qatar Foundation International to provide merit and need-based scholarships to students 5-12 years old to participate in our Summer Program. learn more

Kalimah means "word" in Arabic.


Kalimah Programs’ mission is to meet the needs of diverse 21st century children learning Arabic in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Using research-based, expert-recommended strategies that are innovative, interactive and learner-centered, Kalimah Programs aim to increaselearners’ proficiency. Our students are explorers who enjoy hands-on, multisensory, culturally-rich arts and science creative projects.