Developmental benefits of arts include language development, decision making, visual learning, cultural awareness, and academic performance.

- ​For more, read the article "The Importance of Art in Child Development" by Grace Hwang Lynch on PBS Parents and others featured on our Facebook Page.

Learning Through Arts

Kalimah's programs emphasize working in small groups and building communities. We value social skills over individual achievement.

"The future belongs not to the strongest or the smartest, but those who can collaborate—with humans and machines—most effectively." - Greg Satell in The Creativity Post


  • Kalimah's unique, thoughtfully-desgined, memorable Arabic lessons help kids use all their senses to learn the sounds and shapes of Arabic alphabet letters, words and their meanings, and simple sentences.
  • Our little Cultural Explorers are encouraged to express their feelings and preferences through speaking Arabic, making art, and playing games.
  • Science, technology, social studies, and arts are all integrated in our fun, hands-on, interactive learning activities.

Kalimah's Kids Programs

About Us

Kalimah, LLC was founded in 2014 in Montgomery County, Maryland.


There has been a trend of increasing demand on learning and speaking Arabic, particularly in the metro DC area. Parents are realizing the importance of giving their children an advantage by exposing them to the Arabic language and culture early on.

Kalimah offers inclusive programs that are non-religious and open to everyone regardless of their background and prior knowledge of Arabic

Kalimah emphasizes learning through fun, hands-on activities, arts, technology and movement. Kalimah is developing a one of a kind curriculum that is a hybrid of Montessori-style learning and language immersion with professional teachers who are native speakers of Arabic.