Kids and Family programs 

We offer various Arabic language, culture, and arts programs for students and their families in Montgomery County, Maryland and its surroundings.​ Our programs include:

  • After school clubs
  • Weekend Arabic Immersion Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Arabic Play Groups
  • STEM or STEAM Arabic Workshops
  • Arabic Conversation Clubs
  • Mommy and Me Class

and more!

If interested in hosting one of our programs, contact us at

Let​'s get you started on the road from a word to the world!

Translation and interpretation

We offer in-person and over the phone interpretation English-Arabic-English for various purposes.

Our translation and editing services are top of the line, whether the target language is Arabic or English. Guaranteed not to need further editing.* Get a quote now. Email:

tutoring and customized classes

One-on-one and small groups can purchase packages of tutoring sessions at discounted rates.

Choose Modern Standard Arabic (FusHa) and/or a spoken Arabic dialect (currently offering Shami (Levantine), Egyptian, and Maghrebi dialects); choose your theme/focus; choose the location and frequency of meetings. 

Package options, discounts, and offers are available on our Store.

Please include the source and target languages, word count, and type of document/project in order to get an estimated cost. 30% of the total amount is due before we start the job and is non-refundable.

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Language Learning Programs